Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Two things to get worked up about

One of the reasons I decided to re-open the blog is because I was frustrated from being silent when all sorts of bad things are happening around us. We have a saying in Arabic that says "if you see evil and you don't speak up, then you're like a silent devil". Preferring to be a vocal devil, I present you with the following. I hope to adopt a short-and-sweet style rather than the old ways which involved more text than meaning.


You must have heard of the stabbing of Marwa Sherbini. The BBC has it, and the Swedes are even talking about it:


How come our Arab media and blogs have been so silent about it? Maybe there is something I don't know. Anyway, this is wrong. Germans are a great people and we have a lot to learn from them, but they also happen to contain some racists. I've experienced this first hand when we were there a few years ago.


This blog is going to be a problem for Zionists, but maybe not today. Today Mahmood Abbas is my problem. There are reports of him working with the damned Zionists to poison the great President Arafat. Gulf News has a good piece on it here:


Fatah shut down Al-Jazeerah's offices for 4 days because of this. Something really smelly is going on. I demand we investigate.

For all of Arafat's ills and mistakes (Siding with Saddam, Ruling Lebanon, not condoning terrorism in his youth, etc) he was a great man and a superb leader because he put Palestine firmly on the world map. No one has been able to fill his shoes yet. Allah yer7amak Abu Ammar. RIP.


soreal said...

i dont know about the arabic main stream media, but i know the blog sphere was filled with news about marwa, and the protests held all over about her killing...

BuJassem said...

SOREAL!!!! IRELAND!!! ya hala!
how's it all going for you? good to read ya. Really like your customer/attendant jokes on reader :)

btw, on my limited blog reader list i found very little stuff about the stabbing.. also the media in dubai has been quiet about it. more worried about rents dropping than egyptians murdered. disgusting!

protests outside egypt? wow!

Digital Nomad said...

I tend to have a bit of a lag time when it comes to blogging about things like the Marwa/Germany event. I saw some of the major Muslim blogs (like Muslimah Media Watch) write very eloquently about it, which was heartening.

And did you mean to write condemning rather than condoning? :) If there is one thing Arafat did, it was to make sure nobody would ever forget the word Palestine ever again. That's invaluable.

programmer craig said...
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programmer craig said...
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BuJassem said...

PG, sorry dude, i'm not in the mood to welcome you or your biased comments.

I'm afraid you're the one that's going to be silenced this time.

Arima said...

you really think they poisened abu ammar? I mean he was in pretty poot health.

Anyway glad you were shaken from your silence

BuJassem said...

Hi Arima,
of course he was poisoned.. and it was covered up. He was sick as well but the Israeli blockade on him made it worse. The timing of his death and the circumstances all make it so dodgy.

What really makes the case now is look how Abu Mazen is being treated. that lazy big! he's practically worth getting an Israeli passport.. and maybe even an American one.

wonder what galloway has to say about this. i miss that guy. i should write about him and about marwan barghouthi's lovely new post. i hope it makes a difference.