Sunday 17 January 2010

What's wrong with Arabia?

What's wrong with Saudi Arabia?

First, this Saudi man cuts off his own penis (then goes to intensive care) because of a disagreement with his father over marriage. Perhaps he should have done something to his father rather than himself?! Or maybe it wasn't that useful anyway.

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Then, Saudi Arabia cancels the Islamic Games (which have only been around since 2005) because the Iranians called it the Persian Gulf. WHO CARES?!?! Maybe if the Arabs got off their fat backsides and did something, things would improve. Or are they scared Iran will beat them in every single game? Ok, we have our differences with Iran, but pulling out of the games should be a last minute resort. I read the news daily, and I was not even aware that the games even existed, or that there was a naming disagreement. All I got was that something I didn't know about was cancelled. Whoo hoo!

Come on, you hold games between GCC States and Iran and you don't expect a naming issue?! Dumb. This should have been agreed in advance.

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Luisa said...

Gulfnews just writes about gulf countries which are not UAE to show how bad they are
Nothing's wrong with Saudia, just you must read all that is happening there and not only the bad ones

BuJ said...

You have a point Balqis de C.. but I have been to Saudi and I've seen with my own eyes (I have relatives there too) and I wouldn't want to wish a Saudi Life to my worst enemies.

Em said...

hmmm...i wonder why they'd cut their penis off because their parents say no. what about just 'disobeying' them and getting married if they felt so strong about the marriage?

ah well. i suppose if they pull stunts like that, they're better off with getting the darwinian. lol

Amira said...

ah that one is old dude! Are we going to hear this story from the UAE next wala eih?

BuJ said...

Sisi, which story is old? they were both in today's morning paper?!

Amira said...

The Saudi guy chopping off his winky...I read that quite a while back. Unless it is a growing epidemic amongst Saudi men?

BuJ said...

i reckon it's safe to assume that:

1- the ksa has more than one dick.
2- the man from the previous incident did not repeat the stunt.

rosh said...

LOL! You may never know BuJ! :)

KJ said...

Why would anyone cut off their own penis! How would I get some gratification when Life turns against me!