Monday 18 January 2010

Mundo dos Sonhos - The World of Dreams II

I had to share these new works of art from the talented Edna Spennato


Anonymous said...

thanks, BuJ!

I suspect CC will like the handcuffs.... !

BuJ said...


i suspect we should allow DJ to experiment with those on whoever he choses hahaha

i was going to publish the turkish ones too, but i loved the handcuffs (for good reason) and didn't wanna dilute :)

Amira said...

Trying to ruffle a few feathers?

The Contentious Centrist said...

An young Arab man goes to a western country to acquire an education. Of the infinite array of moral wisdom he can choose from to take back home, what does he bring? Kinky sexual fantasies and Der Sturmer sensibilities.

"What is wrong with Arab societies? Why are they unable to install democratic governments? These are the questions addressed by the British journalist Brian Whitaker in his book "What's Really Wrong with the Middle East". His answer (available in English), according to the reviewer James M. Dorsey, is that not only the governments but also the societies themselves are repressive. "To describe this phenomenon, Whitaker draws on Palestinian-American historian Hisham Sharabi's theory of neo-patriarichism. In a controversial book published in the 1980s that is still banned in many Arab countries, Sharabi says Arab society is built around the 'dominance of the father (patriarch), the centre around which the national as well as the natural family are organized. Thus between ruler and ruled, between father and child, there exist only vertical relations: in both settings the paternal will is absolute will, mediated in both the society and the family by a forced consensus based on ritual and coercion.' That is to say, Arab regimes have franchised repression so that society, the oppressed, participates in their repression and denial of rights. The regime is in effect the father of all fathers at the top of the pyramid."

BuJ said...

hey, contentious canine.. calm down.. the cuffs were intended to remind you of Harry Houdini rather than to turn you on.

again, nothing sexual in my posts..

as for Sharabi.. he's a good guy.. i invited him to give a talk once..

so again,
have a shower,
and come back soon :)